By Ingram Osigwe

Zeof Records, founded by High Chief (Barr) Jideofor Ezeofor, is unrelenting in discovering,  nurturing, projecting and promoting young music talents.

In line with its avowed commitment to support upcoming artists, the record label has just brought under its canopy, three budding musical talents two of whom are Barrister Ezeofor’s sons:  Ifenna Denzel-Armani Ezeofor whose stage name is simply Denzel-Armani. A talented songwriter and composer, the young artiste is a law graduate of the University of Nigeria,  Enugu campus,  UNEC.

Denzel Armani
Von Blake
Silver Omah

Armani is on top of his game as an Afrobeat musician. He is arguably one of the few artists redefining the unique music genre originated by the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

On stage, Armani is a delight to watch. He is imbued with an electrifying fierce sound and stage presence which is undoubtedly unique, embodying a fusion of afrojuju, rock, jazz, R&B, neo-soul and hip hop.

Armani has always loved music. His romance with music started as far back as his childhood when he was around six years old as he was always so fascinated with sound, delivery and the awesome stage presence of Michael Jackson.

 Michael Jackson’s death was however a very devastating experience for him. He also had at his beck and call and rich musical library growing up as his parents were music lovers. He had the opportunity to listen to the greats of times like Marvin Gaye, Boney M, Abba, Barry White, Bob Marley, Fela, Labaja and so on.

Armani formally started his music career in 2020 and so far has several music tracks to his credit including the hits, Comot Der and Jonza.

His next single, a new sound of profound musical balance titled ‘Neme’ is scheduled to be released on Saturday, 24th February 2024.

For Blake Dilinna Ezeofor with the stage name,  “Von Blake” music is a passion which caught up with him as a pupil.

With music-loving parents as role models, growing up, the lure of music was irresistible for Blake.

“As kids, I and my siblings formed dance routines to songs we composed ourselves. It gave us great joy because we didn’t like lessons or doing chores.

“Even in church I was in a dance group, so performing has always been in my blood. And also I was a mass server, that’s where I first learnt synchronization and syncopation with other performers”, he said.

A singer, songwriter composer and a graduate of Civil Engineering, Blake’s love for music blossomed throughout his academic pursuit.

In secondary school, for example, he teamed up with like minds in his class to form the musical group, INVICTUS.

The budding music sensation has hit tracks to his credit,  including Vibration,  Tom Tom Waist and Fine Fine Caro. He also has several unreleased tracks “that grow by the day in my portfolio”

Blake is inching towards international stardom as the young artist and INVICTUS came 3rd in the Spanish/ Nigeria  musical competition on 24 March 2023 organized by the  Spanish Embassy in Nigeria which featured 200 Nigerian artists.

Von Blake is optimistic that “my future is going to be bright… I see myself in the next five years impacting a wide range of people and generation after generation to come identifying with my music irrespective of their colour, tribe or race”

On her part, Ekene Silver whose stage name is Silver Omah was greatly impacted by her mother who is a singer and a studio owner. It was therefore not surprising that she eventually graduated from the Department of Music, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

During her undergraduate days, Omah joined a music band named “Ichoku” led by Gerald Eze whose main focus was on exploring Folk Music and adapting popular songs to the Igbo traditional instruments such as the Uboaka and Oja.

In 2021, she met Kaycee Oguejiofor while attending a music seminar hosted by himself and Gerald Eze where they educated musicians and music lovers about the music industry.

Oguejiofor took a liking to Omah’s sound and decided to sponsor her recordings which aided her career growth thus the young female music star started recording her music professionally in 2021.

A singer, songwriter and composer, a turning point in Omah’s fledgling music career, however, came in August 2023, “when I met Arch. Tobenna Ezeofor (Zeofest), the manager of Zeof Records who also took a liking to my sound and introduced me to the CEO,  High Chief Jideofor Ezeofor of Zeof records.

“He too fell in love with  my sound and had me record two songs, one of which I released on February 9th 2024 as my first single named “Price Of Your Heart” in collaboration with Zeof Records”

Essentially,  Zeof Records has over the years threaded where other music companies and promoters fear to thread. Even at the risk of personal financial loss, Barrister Ezeofor has continued to sponsor music shows which is one of the avenues talented upcoming musicians are discovered.

His words: “Zeof Records supports artists by organizing music shows that will show the craft of different artists, both artists under Zeof Records management and other artists from different managements.

“It is a platform to expose artists to the world. Sponsorship of music shows is very challenging, most companies shy away from sponsorship of music shows, which is wrong because from shows artists’ performances are showcased.”

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