By Muyiwa Akintunde

The family of an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) attached to the Osun State command has demanded the whereabouts of their Tolulope Abiodun Adebayo-Adeshile and four of his colleagues who have not been found since 12th February, this year.

According to the father of ASP Adebayo-Adeshile, Mr. Adebayo Sheu Adeshile, his son, who serves in the state’s Criminal Investigative Department (CID) and five other policemen were dispatched on an operational assignment to Abia State on 12th February 2024.

The father said that “I am aware of the fact that himself (ASP Adebayo-Adeshile) and the team slept over at an hotel in Asaba, Delta State on the night of that day before they left for Abia State on Tuesday 13th February, 2024”.

Adeshile further said: “I became worried when his (ASP Adebayo-Adeshile’s) phone line became non-available to calls from around 10:00am (13th February 2024) even till Thursday 15th February 2024, and had to place calls to his co-officers and friends who insisted that I need to come down to Osogbo for information regarding him, as they have no information and most importantly that they are not even in position to give any”.

According to the father of the ASP, he reported to the (Osun State) command on 15th February 2024, and met with the Deputy Commissioner State (CID). He said he is yet to receive any official information, apart from; “we are still looking for them”.

Adeshile said he is surprised about the command’s response because “the route taken, their last location (because they were still in Imo State when contact was lost) and their destination is known”.

He said he was in Osogbo between 15th and 26th February on the matter, and at the police command nearly everyday, but he is yet to get any tangible and reassuring official update on the whereabouts nor of the physical state of my son”.

Adeshile said he was told by the command that one of the policemen on the ill-fated operation escaped and has returned to Osogbo. According to him, the escapee reportedly told the state CID that the team was attacked, while the vehicle in which the policemen travelled is yet to be located.

Adeshile is worried that there has been no updates from the police on the incident. He is asking Inspector General of Police Kayode Egbetokun to look into the matter.

Force Public Relations Officer, Assistant Commissioner Olumuyiwa Adejobi is yet to respond to the message sent to him earlier in the day.

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