Nigerian singer/guitarist and Highlife music maestro, Dan Ian has died.

His colleague and friend Chief Charles Imolame, a.k.a Charlimo, whoannounced this on a social media handle informed that the musician, died on Sunday 28th February, 2021. According to him, this information came in from the son through another veteran colleague, Ginger Forcha.

Born Daniel Ian Mbaezue, in Umuezeawala, Ihiala, Anambra State, he finished from the Holy Ghost College in Owerri in 1964  and started teaching there in 1965.

In 1966 he started his first musical project, called “The Spades“. In May 1967, the governor of the Eastern Region Biafra declared independence from Nigeria that sent troops to re-integrate the territory. In these war times, Dan Ian stayed and often played for soldiers. In 1970 the war was over and their band was now named “The Airforce Wings” also shortened to The Wings.

In 1971, he moved to Lagos to play with Sonny Okosuns backing band “Paperback Limited”. By 1972, he had formed the band Wrinkar Experience which he is most famous for.

They only existed six months but recorded a few great songs that are re-discovered nowadays as pure jewels. After the hit “Fuel for Love” he left the band, due to its commercial success and exploitation.

He went back to work with late Ozziddi king, Sonny Okosun and later formed a new group called “The New Spades”. He released a few singles and disappeared from the scene in 1978.

He was gone twelve years, till he came back with one LP called “Jide Ukpuru Oma” in 1990. After that he disappeared from the music scene again.

*With additional story from www.Discogs.com

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