Deauz Studios Africa have unveiled their new motivational series on Youtube, titled, “A Talk With God”.

Written, produced and directed by actor and model, Dennis Oguike, A Talk with God, originally crafted as “The Chatroom” series is a true to life story put in drama form to bring our individual experiences to the front burners, allowing us pour out our hearts and have God speak to us, touching our experiences, soothing our pains, giving us solutions and admonishing us where necessary.

*Dennis Oguike

It’s a series of short films, touching on every area of living. A Talk with God, is a must watch for everyone around the globe as one will always find him/herself in that “Chatroom” at some point.

According to Oguike, “A Talk with God” was created out of personal experiences, especially in very low times when it looked like one had been abandoned by his maker… When the entire world seem to be coming down on someone.

“As humans, we have in our various ways, in diverse situations asked God questions both in our hearts and even openly. We have at different points gotten angry with God and even doubted His existence and professed love…we have come to some  points in our lives when we decide to carry on with our lives without regards to God or so it seemed….all these due to frustration, failures, agonies and all the negatives experienced.. I have personally written some sad songs in the middle of church service…we have countless experiences as individuals”, he explained.

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