One person who will not forget multiple awards winning Nollywood filmmaker, Ambassador Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen in a hurry, is Silverbird TV, Port Harcourt presenter, Adaku Nwachinemere.

Adaku, in a recent post, informed the world, that Ambassador Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, has affected many lives positively but won’t blow his horns.

According to her, “Many Nollywood ‘A list’ actors who he brought to Lagos, had at one time or the other spent years under his roof while hustling to get noticed but, they would not openly praise him”.

Nwachinemere whose  Instagram handle is @adakunwachineme reveals her moments in time with legendary filmmaker, directed her on the path of academics, paid for her JAMB form and gave her the push which has led her to a PhD in view.

Hear Adaku’s story: “Movie making will always be my first love.

Years back when I first joined Nollywood industry, I was pretty young, but I was lucky. Producers began to notice me first few months and I only get to work with the best crew and big stars even though it was minor supporting roles but they were always significant to the film.

Andy Ameneche, Reginald Ebere, T’Chidi, Andy Chukwu, were some of the biggest directors at the time that directed me working for OJ production, P.Collins Production among others.

One of those occasions I met @lancelotimasuen on set, he was like “oh yeah! No doubt you are super talented but you are pretty young, you need to go back to school”. I was like oh, no doubt am still going, even my father will kill me if I don’t .. well he was like “let me make it easier… here is money go buy jamb form and start next year am like they are not selling jamb form he was like what are they selling? Polyjamb, he was like Oya buy that one, buy that one. am like Kai I can’t go to a poly he was like you need to, you can still buy jamb form the next year and go to a university.. and when you finish with a good grade come back I make you a #Star well 2 years later I was doing IT in ph and forgot all about the industry.

Years later and with a PhD in view I can’t help but remember @lancelotimasuen act of kindness done with the Purest of intentions.

As we look forward to celebrating your 50th, I can’t help but reminisce on your person, and how far your work has blessed our generation, and most especially the work that you do outside of the industry raising the next generation of thought leaders. Thank you for your service, you are loved and appreciated”, Adaku wrote.

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