By Monday Osadolor

The political infighting within the Edo State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has reached a critical state, with the battle between Godwin Obaseki and Phillip Shuaibu threatening to undermine the entire party. This dangerous feud between the two prominent politicians is not only damaging to their personal relationships but also to the overall integrity and success of the PDP in the state.

Obaseki accuses Shuaibu of disloyalty and excessive ambition, while Shuaibu believes Obaseki to be wicked and ungrateful. This bitter rivalry has resulted in a breakdown of trust and communication between the two, with Shuaibu allegedly holding secret meetings with lawmakers to advance his own political aspirations without Obaseki’s knowledge or involvement. Obaseki, in turn, has denied Shuaibu access to his office and has even dismissed his aides. The animosity between them has become so evident that Obaseki has openly shunned Shuaibu at public events.

It is irony that Godwin Obaseki who was given a soft landing to join the PDP when he was disgraced by the APC years ago is now flaunting like the owner of the party in Edo state after becoming Governor.

Another troubling aspect of this infighting is the parallel primaries conducted by both factions, each declaring themselves as the rightful winners. The desperate desire of both Obaseki and Shuaibu to assert their dominance and secure power has resulted in a fractured party, with members being pulled in different directions. This internal conflict not only tarnishes the reputation of the PDP but also weakens its chances in the upcoming election, as other political parties are consolidating their support.

Shuaibu is also in court challenging the refusal of the PDP to register 321 delegates which the court had approved earlier. It is with these delegates that he organised a parallel Congress that declared him winner. The PDP can do without the squabbles and stones the two men are throwing at each other to settle their personal scores.

The national executive and National Working Committee (NWC) of the PDP must intervene and take decisive action to prevent further damage. It is crucial to remove or suspend both Shuaibu and Ighodalo from the equation to pave the way for peace and unity within the party. The survival of the PDP in Edo State is at stake, and no individual should be allowed to prioritize their personal ambitions over the collective interests of the party. The NWC must as a matter of urgency stop talking sides and face the truth.

The time has come for the PDP leadership to step in and bring an end to the destructive power struggle between Obaseki and Shuaibu. The party cannot afford to disintegrate or lose its goodwill due to the actions of these two individuals. It is imperative that the PDP focuses on consolidating its support base and formulating a coherent strategy for the upcoming election, rather than allowing internal conflicts and power struggles to consume its resources and energy. The party’s future depends on its ability to prioritize its collective interests over the ambitions of its members. The duo and their proteges should be cautioned and remove and a neutral and faithful PDP candidate picked to fly the flag of the party. The NWC must also remember that the primaries that produce Asue ighodalor already has litigation in the court before  Feb 22, 2024. All these are red flags.

One of the reasons in the past that made the PDP an admired party was because elders of the party spoke truth no matter whose ox was gored. It should not change in the case of Edo state. The irregularities and infighting has now taken frightening dimensions that need to be curtailed as soon as possible.

And if  PDP is not careful,  they might not have a candidate in the forth coming election due to multiple legal issues arising from the illegal process towards the primaries.

*Monday Osadolor, is a PDP chieftain and public Affairs Analyst

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