By Princess Aishatu S. Zumo

As indigenes and residents of Adamawa State, our dear State has again been tossed up for a political contest this year. With all sense of humility, one would say that we got it right in 2019 by voting His Excellency Ahmadu Fintiri as our Governor.

Looking at the progress the state recorded under his able leadership it is obvious that we cannot afford to miss the great opportunity to consolidate his achievements this Saturday March 18, 2023, when the governorship and State House of Assembly elections will hold. His Excellency, Fintiri should be returned in appreciation of the giant strides he has achieved and many more he will do in the next four years.

For those who follow events in Adamawa State, the records are clear that Governor Fintiri has delivered beyond our reckoning in his first term and is poised to even do more upon his re-election come Saturday. Since a popular saying has it that ‘’the reward for every good job done should ordinarily be more work,’’ we urge voters to return the governor and challenge him with more work as well as set new target for him and his administration.

Therefore, on Saturday, Adamawa voters should come out en masse vote for, and follow the man who knows the road. From what we have seen, Fintiri not only knows the road, but he has within his first term in office also mastered it for the good of the industrious people of Adamawa State.

The dividends of Fintiri’s stewardship are too enormous to be listed. But the impacts his policies and projects have made are all around us. We therefore at this point cannot afford to retrogress. We need Fintiri to achieve further progress and development through consolidation and continuity as governor of Adamawa State.

So, this is coming as a clarion call on all well-meaning Adamawa voters not to truncate the foundation already laid for the growth and development of Adamawa State by Fintiri and his administration. We should come out en masse from all nooks and crannies of Adamawa State to vote for His Excellency Governor Ahmadu Fintiri come March 18, 2023. I strongly believe that returning his to office through our ballot will be a vote for continuity, consolidation, progress, and development for the good people of Adamawa State. Fintiri for Adamawa State! Fintiri all the way! Fintiri for 2023!

*Princess Aishatu S. Zumo, a social-political commentator sent in this article from Abuja

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